On May 6th, 2017 we stood on crowded academic lawns in black gowns, in emptied out cottage bedrooms, and next to packed up cars and said goodbye to the last four years. We held each other for one last moment knowing that we'd never have the exact moments we had here ev...


I woke up one morning and before the sun had even hit the trees-- It was as if all I could see were their words covering the walls.

“Her pain is manipulative.”

“Her kindness is fake.”

“She burns through people.”

“I’m counting down to when she’s gone.”

All of a s...


It was late one Monday night; not late enough that bed time was being encroached on quite yet, but late enough that the cool air was starting to sink in and settle within the trees. Neither of them would be able to remember why the phone call had started in the first p...

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