I've always been captivated by words. Journals, notebooks, and pages of doodled fragments were able to be found all over my room from about the age I could write. Then my love of words spilled all over the stage as I spent about nineteen of my twenty-six years reciting words that told stories to countless audiences. When I dedicated my knowledge of Christ into at a deep rooted relationship at fifteen, that's when it clicked: I wanted to spend my life putting words together in ways to honor and magnify the story that saves me every single day.

If you know me well, you'd know that my life is a large compilation of lists. Yet the only one that you may need here at the start is a list of some of my favorite things:  black coffee, boy bands, TableTalk, Meryl Streep movies, driving with the windows down, leaving sticky note messages for people to find, crime shows, Taylor Swift songs, a brand new journal, the smell of waffles, one-on-one conversations, hand holding, gummy worms, big down comforters, quiet mornings, laughs you could recognize anywhere, and flowers sitting on a window sill. 


I hope these words, these stories, and these moments of mine poured out find you well and that God uses them to put His story deep into your heart like He has in mine. 


Brew some coffee. Throw on the stretchy pants. Slide on the fuzzy socks. Sit awhile...and let me tell you about a story that changed my life.